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My type of paintings are developed from within my mind’s eye and is spoken in color and shape. I attempt to convey, Make (an idea, impression, or feeling) known or understandable to someone. My work abstract art should move something in you, it moves me in the making of the art. Everyone will see something different in art. It is a strange medium because you may love it of hate it and someone else will get a different feel of art. If you like a piece of my work and buy it I want you to enjoy it and you will get more from it the longer you own it.
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Welcome to my artwork, it will change in different rooms, lighting, angles, and your mood. It is amazing how abstract art can bring so much feeling to a room. Abstract art is like expensive jewelry it consists of small and large decorative colors and shapes that will accent your room. Plus, it is a great conversation piece, by just ask a person what do you see? I offer specials and discounts to my friends that subscribe. Please take advantage of this offer to share in abstract and expressionist modern art.

“I love my new art. I was wondering if this type of art would work in my office. I must tell you it has and everyone that sees it asks where I got it. This abstract art brings light, color, and joy to an otherwise drab office. It has made me more creative and relaxed. I will be purchasing more of Mr. Smith art for my home. The artist was so helpful and direct it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much, Mr. Smith I love your artwork. .”

Brenda Todd

“I was confused as to if abstract art was right for my home. With the artist help, he explained that I don’t need to understand the art or see something in the art. Look at the art as if it were a fine piece of jewlery and how the colors and shape will work in my room. I choose at a piece of art that I liked. It was the best thing I ever did. I love how it makes my living room look. Sometimes the art has mild accents and other times very strong accent. It is an ever changing work of art. I love it. Thank you, Mr. Smith I will purchase more of your art.”

John Lui

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